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Chimney Repair and Chimney Maintenance

Chimney repair is often first needed somewhere on the chimney exterior. The exterior is the most vulnerable part of your chimney. It is constantly exposed to extreme and changing weather conditions. 

Common chimney problems include; cracked and deteriorated cement crowns, missing mortar, spalling bricks and poorly installed flashing. Chimney repair should be done at the first sign of a problem in any of these areas.

The photo below is a good example of a chimney that has been neglected for far too long. It is so badly deteriorated that chimney repair is no longer an option. It needs to be completely rebuilt. If you look closely you can see cracks in the cement crown and the bricks are flaking.

Chimney repair is obviously needed

You can save your chimney from this fate by giving it some attention before the elements begin to take their toll.

Schedule a yearly chimney inspection with a
competent professional. He or she can recommend simple chimney maintenance procedures that will help extend the life of your chimney.

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Chimney cover. An important part of chimney maintenanceOne of the most important things you can do to protect your chimney is to have a chimney cover or covers installed.

A chimney cover with screening will prevent  rain, snow and animals from entering the chimney and causing damage. The installation of a chimney cover should be considered a priority.

There are many different types and styles of chimney covers on the market. It is not a good idea to select a chimney cover based on price alone. Most cheap covers are just that, CHEAP! They will rust and then stain everything around them. We highly recommend stainless steel or copper chimney covers.

The cement crown is another area of the chimney that typically needs repair or maintenance. It's not uncommon for cement crowns to develop cracks in just a few years. A cement crown that is not maintained will eventually lead to brick flaking (spalling), mortar breakdown and even flue liner deterioration.

You can also protect your chimney by having it treated with a coat of high quality water repellant. You should make sure the water repellant product you select is formulated for use on chimneys. We use ChimneySaver™ water repellant. One application of ChimneySaver™ will protect your chimney for 10 years.

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Chimney Repair and Maintenance Services

Goss Bros. Chimney Service provides a wide variety of chimney repair and chimney maintenance services.

  • Crown repair 
  • Crown replacement 
  • Tuck pointing
  • Top mount dampers
  • Flashing repair 
  • Waterproofing 
  • Chimney covers
  • Chimney Relining

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Fair Rates and Personal Attention

We offer fair rates for all of our products and services. When you call Goss Bros. you will receive the personal attention of an experienced chimney professional.

If you'd like to discuss your chimney needs, call Don at 814.734.7354 or send an email: 





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Chimney 1 before repair

chimney 2 before repair

Chimney 3 before repair

Chimney 4 before repair